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Title: Ice and Strawberries
Author: Aniay
Parts: 1/?
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Hitsugaya
Rating: first chapter PG13(for language) overall NC17
Words: 1660/?
Warning: General fluffiness, Not worksafe in later chapters
Disclaimer: I don’t own bleach. Sadly. Kubo Tite does.
Beta-ed by one and only [ profile] desert_anbu *bows*

I have it almost finished, but I have little problems with my daughter so I don’ have time to put it into electronic version, second chapter is already being beta readed. So please be patient.


“Mmm Ichigo…” Green eyes flared with passion. “Kiss me again...”

Ichigo woke up suddenly. “Where did this come from?” Why was he dreaming about kissing a boy, and not just any boy but a certain white-haired taichou, and why had his dream earned him a raging hard-on at that. He was straight and he refused to accept that he was hard over kissing a boy.
“I'm not gay,” he said to himself trying to surpass annoying feeling that wasn’t true...
-Yes you are – a high pitched familiar voice said inside his head.
- I'M NOT! - Before his eyes he saw a madly smiling white face.
- Yes you ARE a gay, a homo or do you prefer queer, faggot, cock-sucker, flit, ass eater... -
- SHUT UP!!!! - Ichigo was trying not to blush.
- No I won't you can't make me shut up you are gay, body and soul and I know you inside out so believe me you are 100% gay and you are getting hard thinking about Hi... -
- Shut up, fucking hollow! -
- Ah yes you’re right aibou, fucking, don't forget fucking, it would be so great to bang that tight ass of his.... - Ichigo tried to hit his hollow self but ended up falling out of bed. In his head Hichigo was laughing
- King you are so easy to annoy.... It will not be too long before I take control.... -
Ichigo pushed Hollow's voice as deep as he could, trying to not hear the maddening laughter, however talk with his inner self left uncertainty inside him.
Shinigami-daiko picked up his ass from the floor and prepared to school. On his way there he was contemplating his life. He was at such an age that being interested in sex was something completely normal, stop, thinking about sex all the time was completely normal, even having sex was normal. He could always speak to Keigo or Mizuiro about it but no better not do it... Kon.... no that wasn't a bright idea either.
Ichigo didn't realise that he was standing on the school grounds.
“Kurosaki?” The voice of Ishida Uryuu snapped him out from his thoughts
“Ishida,” he acknowledged the dark-haired boy and couldn't stop himself from checking Uryuu out. Nice slim figure, long fingered hands of an archer, a pale face and dark eyes hidden behind glasses. Ichigo was surprised that he really liked what he saw... Ishida blushed and nervously corrected his glasses.
“Em.. Kurosaki, what are you doing?”
“Nothing.” The substitute shinigami turned in the direction of school and marched into the building leaving a surprised Ishida outside.
Ichigo, not caring about what others would think, was looking at every person he met, trying to decide if he liked boys or girls. His behaviour earned him lots of questioning glances and silent whispers. After school was over he decided, he definitely preferred guys.


Hitsugaya Toushirou was standing on the terrace with his eyes closed. The warm summer air smelled like rain, summer intense storm left air brisk and fresh, and this was exactly what Hitsugaya needed, he needed something to snap out from his thoughts, his Ichigo-centred thoughts. Everything the tenth division captain did, thought or dreamt swirled around the redheaded shinigami substitute.
“Hitsugaya taicho?” The voice of Matsumoto scattered the silence. “What's wrong?”
“I have to tell him.” Hitsugaya, taken by surprise, said his thoughts out loud.
“Hmmm?” Matsumoto sounded interested. “Who are you talking about? And what you have to tell?”
Toushiro was distracted. “You wanted something Matsumoto?”
“Just asked you what you have to tell to whom?” Matsumoto eyed her taichou.
“None of your business.”
“Mattaku! Taichou...” Rangiku sounded annoyed. “Denying that something is happening with you is useless.” She sat next to white-haired shinigami. “You are withdrawn, distracted less malicious… Even Tousen would see that something is wrong.”
“And you are as nosy as always Rangiku.” Hitsugaya smiled sadly.
“Taicho I know you better than anyone and I definitely see that something is wrong, last time I asked you about your private life you called me ‘difficult to get rid of booby old witch’.”
“Be useful Matsumoto and get lost of here instead of playing “mother hen”.” Hitsugaya was looking into the darkness outside
“But you so ask for it… Hmm but when I think about it,” Matsumoto made scared face, “little Shiro-chan probably is scared of telling me what's wrong.” She made his voice sound as children-like as possible.
“Shut up.” Toushiro blushed. “Do not call me Shiro-chan,” he said with his angry voice looking into Rangiku's ‘innocent’ eyes. “I’m not scared, I’m fucking in love.” He let out a sigh. “Or something like that... tell anyone and you are dead with all the paper work.”
“Hmmm? In love? With who? Wait let me guess hmmm souka souka is it..... Hinamori?” The fukutaichou was smiling widely.
“God and you said you know me...” Hitsu stared at her.
“I was joking taicho, just joking, you have no sense of humour, so you are in love, let's see… warm chocolate eyes, flaming spiky hair, wide smile that can melt ice, and biggest ekhem zanpaktou ever...” She smiled widely watching Hitsugaya blush even more. “Stop blushing or you will be as red as Strawberry.”
“Ma-tsu mo-to.” He tried to give his fukutaichou a threatening look, but with sparkling eyes and purple colour on alabaster face he looked like a sweet little kid who asked for a favourite sweet.
“Tell him...” Rangiku said casually.
“And you just had to add his zanpaktou matter.” The petit taichou was blushing even more.
“Don't change the subject, god you act just how you look, ten years old, I’d say, where the hell did your "I can do anything" attitude go?” Matsumoto was slightly annoyed.
“As you said: to hell.” Hitsu wasn’t calm either. “Along with your respect. Shimatta! If you really want to know I'm walking frustration now. Everyone has someone in here and thanks to my childish looks I haven’t gotten laid in sooooooooooo long that I’m surprised I can remember how this thing works anymore…”
“You know what... You always could’ve asked me,” Rangiku said, offended.
“If you were a guy maybe... I SO hate my looks.”
“But we all love you like this!” Rangiku suddenly hugged Toushirou.
“Mheh houh hoos houho myh... face...” Captain breathed heavily.
“Get your boobs out of my face,” he said. “I'm going to sleep. Goodnight. Rangiku you are such a pain in the ass,” the white-haired captain added with a soft tone, smiling gently.
“Toushirou you are such a kid...”


Ichigo was annoyed, everyone had someone to talk to and he had no one, especially someone who could know about how he fell in love with a boy and not even a regular human at that. Damn he just noticed that he probably liked Toushirou much more than he wanted. Why he didn't registered it earlier, well it was a mystery to him, he was getting butterflies in stomach every time he heard his dark, silky voice, his heart was beating faster every time he saw his green eyes, he was almost always smiling in Toushirou’s presence. He had to do something to contact the white-haired shinigami, the best and probably only way to do it was through Urahara, and, well, and he wasn't so bad to talk to either.

“Manager, we have a guest.”
“Oro? Oh, hi Kurosaki-kun.”
Ichigo always wondered if Urahara had thousands of the same outfit or just one and was cleaning it every day.
“How can I help you?” Curios, piercing eyes sparkled under the hat.
“Can we talk?” Ichigo was stepping from one leg to another feeling strange under the questioning gaze from under the hat. They entered the small shop and sat in one of free rooms.
“SO what do you want to talk about Ichigo?”
“Well…” Hell, he had it all planned and when it came to actual talk his head went empty. “Well there is this "I think I’m gay" thing that is bothering my lately...”
“Don't try ‘oohing’ me.”
“And what?” Ichigo fidgeted.
“And you are sure that's everything you want to tell me?”
“And…” Ichigo gulped. “AndIthinkthatIlikeToushiro,” he blurted out in one breath.
“Toushiro who?”
“Emm...” The boy blushed. “Hisugaya Toushirou...”
“OOOOOH.” Urahara seemed amused.
“Don't ‘ooooh’ me again...” Ichigo begged.
“Okay so where do you see me in this situation?”
“Well I'm kinda new to this whole gay thing and I wonder how are things in Soul Society when it comes to… you know...”
“I think you at least should not worry about this.” Spotted by no one, in her cat form, Yorouichi had listened to the conversation and decided to meddle just now. “There are lots of gays, lesbians, bi and other ‘inventions’ in Soul Society and no one is bothered. Take Renji for example, he is 100% gay and Byakuya's little puppy. Even if Bya denies it, everyone in Seretei knows. Or take Kyouraku taichou, he is sleeping with Juushirou and god they are so made for each other.... then it was Gin and Kira, probably with Aizen as well... then me, I'm with Soi Fong... Something's wrong, you’re blushing Ichigo. Embarrassed?”
“Don't worry Ichigo.” Urahara embraced the boy casually. “Just don't worry,” he said, smiling brightly.


Why, in Soul Society, was Yorouichi called "Ms know it all?" Because she did know it all. The little black cat was an ideal form for spying. Along with Kisuke - "Mr know it all", they were the best informed people inside and outside Soul Society.
The black-haired shinigami was just coming back from her training session with Soi Fong when she heard the conversation between two people... when both of them went inside the building she gracefully walked to the gate to the world of living.

“I have interesting news Kisuke...” she welcomed the shop owner and purred as he stroked her black fur.



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