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Title: The Glitch
Part: 2/?
Author: [ profile] aniay
Pairing: Barricade/Sam
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Barricade is dispatched to earth with the mission of retrieving information needed to find Megatron and the Allspark. There is however a glitch in his systems which he never encountered before that makes completing the mission difficult if not impossible.
Warnings: none for this chapter but eventualy it's going to be hard NC-17 I'll warn you as I write.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, Transformers belongs to hasbro

A/N: A present for lovely [ profile] blackiesdungeon Beta-red by [ profile] abraxas_ren Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chapter 1

Barricade on-lined to a transfer of pain through his comm link. He screamed as he felt Frenzy dying, his spark sending wave after wave of agony, until at last the signal itself collapsed.

The void of unconsciousness engrossed him again.

The next signal that stirred him awake filled him with a mixture of longing and sadness deeper than even the loss of a friend - it was the Allspark itself dying and his own spark wailed at its loss.

There would be no Allspark anymore; no life source; no hope; no chance of winning this war.

But, in the wake of the Allspark's gasp, Barricade felt his own spark offer up a last bout of strength - a self preservation instinct.

He transformed and drove away, searching desperately for a place to hide, off-lining, eventually, within a grimy forgotten factory.

His spark did not collapse as he thought; he was not slagged completely. Slowly, oh so slowly, the nanobots of his body worked to repair the damage he suffered. His Energon reserves were tapped into and used at a much faster rate than he expected. But there were hundreds of years yet to live and that was enough time to find another source of energy. Each repair yielded greater and greater pain, enough that his processor kept his mind off-line to spare the agony, instead his memory logged everything that was broken and fixed.

Barricade lay silently in the middle of the warehouse unaware of everything happening around him, unaware that he was kept alive in spite of his wish to die.

Time passed, days then weeks, until his processor switched him off of repair-mode and rebooted him. His systems restarted, sluggish due to drain. His body ached, atrophied because of stasis. Barricade awoke painfully aware he was still broken.

His chronometer informed him of how much time elapsed and he was not happy about it. Accessing his processor logs, he realized that while he was alive, almost every other Decepticon on the face of this planet was dead. After analyzing the signals more closely, he thought that maybe Starscream, the great coward, was able to save his neck but then there was no Megatron anymore, no Blackout, no Devastator... nor any other Decepticon that had been there when he off-lined.

He was not an Autobot therefore he would not mourn his comrades. He understood it as what it was: a reason to reevaluate the situation, to change priorities. The world changed. The Autobots won. And the Allspark was no more.

Carefully, he drove out of the warehouse, scanning his surrounding with precision, trying to find a new alt mode. Something with which it would be easier to blend into the human population but that was still elegant and fast. Then he planned to go to a place where he thought he might find out what happened, to the accommodation of Ladiesman217.

Finding an alt mode proved much easier than he expected; driving beside the car dealer he found a car which was both sleek and luxurious and in a perfect matt black color.

He scanned the beauty and transformed into it as soon as possible, getting rid of the police numbers, the white encryption of 'to punish and enslave...' but still keeping the police radio scanner, which surely was more than useful.

If Barricade was not aching in so many places he would have tested the speed of his new alt form and reached his destination much, much faster; instead he enjoyed his ride, basking in the feeling of the sun warming his roof.

He scanned the World Wide Web lazily, searching about the Mission City incident, encountering only unreliable information - the government apparently trying its best to cover up the battle.

He wished Frenzy was beside him, that would have helped him immensely, his little cassette friend could have hacked the Autobot frequency and downloaded the information straight into his memory. Unfortunately, Frenzy was slagged and Barricade lacked the ability to hack highly encrypted transmissions. He was going to learn what happened the hard way.

The ex Decepticon settled in Tranquility, in the parking lot of the mall three blocks away from the boy's accommodation. It was far enough to not be spotted by a wayward Autobot yet close enough to be able to monitor the human and everything that happened around him. So Barricade stayed, waiting, watching, listening, for anything that might be useful.

What was obvious only after few days of spying was that the yellow Autobot stayed with the boy and that the human's female cohort became what they called a girlfriend. Another fact that Barricade learned was that Sam Witwicky, as that was the human's proper designation, was the one to do both: kill Megatron and destroy the Allspark. It was hard to believe yet it was true and the fact filled Barricade with a kind of begrudging respect toward the boy for his inventiveness and for his courage.

There had been many mechs who tried to get kill Megatron but nobody ever succeeded.

Again time passed, weeks turned into months, and Barricade remained there watching Sam, his family, his assortment of Autobots allies, who often appeared in the vicinity of the boy. Every now and then he changed his location as his presence in the same exact spot for too long would have become suspicious. The wandering about developed into a habit of the scout.

The way he uncovered the truth about the battle came with a strange and unexpected consequence. He began to learn about the boy and the rest of the humans overall. Boredom and ample free time gave him the ability to research the organics more deeply and more thoroughly than probably any other Cybertronian.

It was about half a year after the Mission City battle that something started to happen again. There were sightings of meteorites all over the world and Barricade was sure that those were not just rocks from space; those were Cybertronians reaching earth, some of them being Autobots but most of them being Decepticon.

Bumblebee - the yellow Autobot - always got as excited as a puppy whenever another Autobot arrived. And it angered Barricade that somewhere without notice he started to use informal human language to describe things. The human culture was rubbing off on him to the point where he considered making his hologram unique and material enough to be able to interact with the organics.

Now every time there was a sighting and Bumble bot did not jump with joy he knew a Decepticon arrived. Barricade was sure that where soldiers were gathering a higher ranking officer would be arrive shortly. He expected Starscream but then to his shock, after months of silence, the Decepticon communication network flared to life with Soundwave's transmission signature. Of course stupid Starscream, who still appeared to retain a little authority over communication officers and other soldiers, did not think about changing the coding key.

He could not help but lap at the information coming through about almost everything. It filled the holes within what he learned.... His processor was going into overdrive with the pleasure of hearing his comrades. A year, being really nothing but a blink of an eye for a Cybertronian, felt on this planet much longer and much lonelier than it would have been otherwise.

Barricade was so engrossed with the flurry of communication that he almost missed the small but significant development that Sam was leaving Tranquility to extend his schooling. Though, as soon as he realized what it meant, he uncovered the information he wanted to know about where Sam was going. Hacking low-level computer systems, even for him, was as easy as drinking Energon. And he decided to use that knowledge for his own personal advantage.

It was, however, hard to stand by his resolve to keep away from the Decepticons. Especially when he felt Soundwave nearby just in orbit. For eons the communications officer was what he would have called a friend in human language. They were so close that Soundwave was not against Frenzy going to earth with Barricade. But now Barricade was dead for Decepticons and dead for Autobots. He could not go back. That part of his life was ended. He had been neutral once and now he wanted to be so again - especially when it seemed the Fallen was getting into the equation.

The reemergence of the oldest Cybertronian in the universe caught him by surprise. It was a worse threat than all of Decepticon Army together. The Fallen was almost unstoppable; almost, because Optimus Prime, as a bearer of the Prime title, might have a chance to defeat him.

For the first time in a long time, indeed the first time he remembered, he wished Optimus Prime good luck.

The idiot, Screamer, did not understand the ruthlessness of the Fallen. The SIC believed the Fallen would have just allowed everything to be as it was, Barricade knew better than that, though. The Fallen would not stop until they were all slaves, servants - worse - cannon fodder. And if they succeeded with the resurrection of Megatron then their leader would never be the same, the Fallen would make sure of that.

The day Sam was leaving to college it seemed that all hell broke loose.

Barricade observed the situation remotely. The human was distressed and excited. Everything was going flawlessly, as normally as it could be, until all of a sudden his sensors picked up a familiar energy reading. Then he was blinded by a burst of that energy - he went deaf and blind a few short seconds - and when he came to he sensed a couple of changes. First, the boy's body was thrumming with adrenaline. Second, there were a few rough Cybertronian life forms, sparkless little drones, but the boy seemed endangered by them.

He felt a surprising almost alien urge to run to Sam. To destroy the threat. Help him. Save him. He could not understand where the drive came from only that his processor screamed at him to start moving....

Barricade paused, shocked by the realization, he wondered when did the lack of ability or intent to kill the boy became this thirst for protecting him?

Was it another glitch?

The little sparkless dots on his radar were being terminated, probably by Sam's guardian, and his processor calmed.

He ran another system check - everything was normal yet it was not and he knew he had to be much more careful.

The human was unhurt; his house, on the other hand, was partly destroyed by what seemed like the shots of a cannon. He could not blame the Autobot as his sensors must have been thoroughly scrambled by that burst of energy. The Bot was probably blind and it was a miracle that he did not shot a human in the process.

When Barricade realized that Sam was not taking his guardian with him, he cursed the whole Autobot lot, their stupidity and their carelessness. He felt it was good he was going with him because otherwise he would not have a single Cybertronian around. Maybe he was not the peace loving Autobot but he could not deny it - even while he could not understand it - he did not want the boy hurt in any way.

Barricade followed Sam as he drove with his parents to his college. It was an insanely long trip and he wondered why the humans decided to not use a plane. The whole way along he monitored the Decepticon's frequencies for any tips of what they might be up to. It was to his surprise when he heard Soundwave's rarely used voice on his comm link:

:Decepticons, we have located the shard:

With those words he panicked. Was it something to do with the boy and the energy the scout read earlier? Within the nanoseconds Barricade formulated about three different workable ways to save Sam, rather, abduct him and hide him in a remote place. Thankfully Soundwave followed the statement with the set of coordinates which were far from their current location.

The scout took a moment to realize he completely overreacted and, if he kept acting that way, he would be so slagged.

They arrived at the college around the noon. Barricade scanned the surroundings as he settled within the lot near Sam's new dorm. Monitoring the boy, the scout realized that the human was annoyed and panicked, but he did not run so it was not a threat to his life. His processor did not spur him into action like earlier.

Barricade did not know what was happening to him. It was like his CPU was changing him into a guardian of the boy. That was strange and unusual but he supposed until he fixed the problem he would have to get used to it.

Barricade attempted to approach Sam the day they arrived on campus. His systems filled with anticipation at the thought of meeting the boy. It seemed to be the only way to check a curious and indiscernible reading he was picking from around the college. Of course, his internal logic routines informed him about the utter stupidity of the idea, he ignored it.

Barricade entered the dimly lit dorm using his holoform - the place was full of lightly toxic smoke and the vapors of alcohol. Sam was about to return so there were only a few minutes to check the location. He realized he was a center of attention: girls were watching him, curiously, and a few boys were giving him long appreciative glances. Yes, he did a great job with his holoform, he was proud of it.

He knew exactly when the boy appeared along with three other males roommates who then left him quickly.

It was his chance; feeling stupidly like a sparkling, he was just about to approach the boy when his sensors wailed with a warning.

He felt an Allspark radiation coming off of Sam - and that strange signal he detected earlier appeared out of nowhere and closed in on Sam.

From such proximity he discerned the readings: a pretender drone. He withdrew his holoform, hiding in the shadows and darkness, watching as a pretty (in human terms) girl approached Sam and aggressively tried to seduce him. The boy was both aroused and scared.

The pretender drone acted human, more or less, its orders probably included a directive about not killing Sam in front of other humans.

But why was Sam giving away an Allspark radiation?

Shortly after that question registered in his CPU there was another incoming signal and Barricade was most happy to see it.

The yellow glitch-head was close so Sam was going to be safe.

It appeared however that Bumblebee was luckier than Barricade expected because the pretender drone did not recognize him as a Cybertronian in disguise.

The Camaro drove away with Sam and the pretender inside; he followed them until the drone left Bumblebee, dripping with processed lubricant, maybe the Bumble bot was not so hopeless after all.

When Sam drove away with his Autobot guardian, Barricade decided he was not need anymore, and drove back to his parking spot where he recharged.

The next day Barricade was shaken out of recharge by the alarm of an Allspark radiation. When he searched he noticed it came from Sam; it was light, just slightly above any detectable level, yet Barricade's sensors felt it. It was active only about 90 earth seconds but it was there. And then he checked his logs that accumulated while he slept: Megatron was revived.

'Stupid Starscream... An idiot who was going to destroy everything.'

Barricade stalked Sam after that; his holoform present always nearby the boy; his sensors trying to discern any change in energy signatures around or inside his body.

He cursed Sam's stupidity when the human called his girlfriend, not securing the line, not being careful about what he said.

The boy talked about his grandfather, and the symbols in his head, and the fucking damn cube - a splinter of it! A splinter of the cube - could there be another? The Decepticons could not be allowed to learn of it. And did the boy really leave it with his girlfriend instead of giving it to the bots?

That was so stupid he considered leaving the boy to his own devices. If he was that brainless, Barricade just was not powerful enough to shield him. But then his glitched programming told him, again and again, to protect the boy.

The whole thing was getting annoying because he started to associate his state of mind with a human illness called schizophrenia - he was short of arguing with himself.

Sam's heart rate spiked as he panicked over the phone. Something must have happened. The scout wished he could be hearing the crosstalk. Sam ran; Barricade stayed in place, his sensor following the boy closely, while the Allspark radiation resurfaced and grew stronger with every passing minute.

He needed to do something to prevent the pretender drone to catch it.

But what?

A slew of other signals caught him by surprise. There were multiple Decepticon signals gathering. He upped the sensitivity of his sensors to better pinpoint the signals and found the Autobots nearby. The sides were encircling each other. And the Allspark radiation was still present.

Barricade parked under Sam's window. If anything was going to happen then he wanted to be close. He was driven mad by the urge to protect the boy.

It was good he was a scout because he possessed the skill to track not only the pretender drone but also the Decepticons and the Autobots alike while keeping an eye on Sam. The boy scurried around his room nervously, heart rate almost on the verge of too strong and too fast for a normal human being.

It was a bit later that the afternoon when the pretender finally made its move. The drone approached Sam directly inside the boy's room. Barricade was not the one who panicked, though, there was another human nearby and the Decepticon was not programmed to act with a witness nearby.

How he wished Frenzy was with him right then and there.

The Autobots were getting close but so were the Decepticons. Barricade activated his holoform; he wanted to reach the boy and to slag the threat. And then he felt two signatures he did not expect: a cassette-size mech followed by Sam's girlfriend. He realized he could not move, he stood frozen, hearing his processor screaming at him to protect the boy.

Sam's heart rate heightened and, surprisingly, his pheromones level raised. Barricade did not know what was happening inside that room. The only fact he knew with certainty was that Mikaela reached Sam and immediately the pit exploded.

He traced everything that followed through his sensors because his body would not cooperate....

Sam was loosing the ability to breathe and then he was running along with Mikaela and his roommate. The scout's CPU screamed and wailed but his body acted as if his movement had been disconnected in the middle of a radical medical procedure. He heard screams and explosions - they were so close - yet he could not act.

What was wrong with him? What was happening with his programming?

The humans remained alive and it amazed him to no end how such a fragile little race defended itself so easily. He cursed, though, as he felt a Decepticon signal nearby. How could he have missed it? It was airborne but too slow to be a seeker.

The worst part was that it was zeroing in on Sam which was currently in some car driven by his crazy girlfriend Mikaela. Barricade struggled with himself, again, as he felt so useless, so helpless. He was out of control. He could not help Sam or protect Sam. Fear gripped his core as he lost control of the situation. He could not act, could not protect either the boy or himself.

The runners drove away leaving him alone with his problems. The pretender drone's signal crashed and got lost when it met with Sam's signature. His sensors informed him when the Decepticon flier zeroed in on Sam, and, apparently took his boy away and there was no way at that point that he could be saved.

Barricade had no idea what was happening where Sam was taken - his long range sensors were not as detailed as his close range distance.

He remained glued to the spot even though his processor informed him that his body was functional again.

Autobots were close so Sam had to be safe. He tried to convince himself that it was true. He waited, noting as time passed, the lost signal of a Decepticon and then with aching spark a lost signal of Optimus Prime.

They were doomed and he was glitched and Sam was probably as good as dead already....

What was happening with him? His procedures were contradicting. His circuitry must have been frayed somewhere. His self repair nodes just could not fix all of it.

When Barricade received the Fallen's world wide-demand to turn on Sam at last he knew the boy was not yet dead. He started to panic, though, as it happened again. Again - something was blocking him, something within his systems - he could not move.

The boy was alive; that was what counted. He felt him traveling getting closer and closer. He sensed Autobots with him and then, shortly after he sensed another burst of the Allspark energy, there was a very old Cybertronian signature and everything was gone. Decepticons, Autobots, humans.... He felt blind and deaf and stripped off all of his senses.

The Decepticons moved into the continent called Africa. Soundwave gave the location where they sighted the boy. How was is possible that Sam got to the Africa so fast? Soundwave was tracking the events as they unfolded - then, all of a sudden, he stopped and thereafter Barricade did not know what was happening.

The scout waited patiently for information to trickle through his comm-link again. Meanwhile he worked on his pit forsaken glitch. The glitch that made him protect Sam was still unknown but after days and nights of running scans line over line throughout his programming he found a command that referred to a heavily encrypted and guarded file stored within his deep memory core. The command seemed to be external, inserted randomly, and the file was inaccessible; neither could be deleted.

It was way beyond his ability to self repair - he needed to seek help as soon as possible.



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