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So there is thi big lake in the middle of beautifull park. Legends say many had drowned in it and to not be lonely they often pull unsuspecting passer-by inside.

there are two kid sisters, five and eight. Te five one is very much the five years old that just LOVE to disregard her mother's NO.  So while on the walk with her mother and aunt (me)she takes awild dash across the old, and not realiable piers, chased by her older sister and me.

We all fall into the water that is as clear as the water can be with white sand visible and then apears a boy, 11 maybe that takes the leg of the 8yo and tries to pull her in. It's not a zombie or any undead water creature but a boy, normal. He wants her to play with him.

i wrestle her out and let myself be pulled in. I expect to drown but   instead I can breath, talk and walk underwater and there are ppeople there, having homes, walking on the bottom, playing etc.

It is a magic lake that alows them to live.

Once a year on their birthday they are allowed to go up on the surface and experience surface life for a day and what they all miss the most are the soft fluffy things, like fluffy carpets and pets, and stuffed toys.

Also on their king's birtday everyone is allowed to invite someone for a day underwater but the guest can come back.

I tried to invite my this-dream boyfriend but he was an asshole about it so instead I nivited that 8 year old who kept 'sendig' me postcards and flowers, chugging them into the lake.

Oh i woke up when we had wild party under water.  XD

WEEEEIRD but I'm sick(ate something wrong probably) so I'm blaming this dream on that. Food poisoning *nods*
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