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Beware of the spoilers for “Cover Me” by [ profile] blkdragonqueen and for total crack and insanity XD

Title: Beware of the meddling God
Author: [ profile] aniay
Warnings: Insanity
Dissclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, Transformers belongs to hasbro and Todd and most ideas belong to [ profile] blkdragonqueen

When for the umpteenth time Todd was ordered to handle the delivery to "hell on earth" as he privately called it, he promised himself, that he would never, ever be back. No matter how much they paid.

This time it was no-signature needing delivery, a small box with no warning about live contents or anything breakable. So Todd just left the package before the moat eyeing the blue and red truck standing on the other side and watching him closely... No that was simply stupid how could a truck watch anyone, he was just getting paranoid. He needed vacations, yes; this or different job.

If he had stayed even a minute longer or looked back while he was driving away, he would see the said truck transforming into giant robot, picking the box carefully, and then running away with it, hugging it close.


Optimus was nowhere to be found. He was not in his office, nor in any hangars. He was not found in firing range and he was generally MIA and there was only one person disturbed by this fact.

Red optics turned darker as Megatron in Frenzy's body run from place to place searching for his brother; he was short of revealing himself to only see that his brother was alive but then from under him he heard a familiar voice calling his name. It was Optimus hidden in underground base, just why he would call his name, Megatron decided to investigate, he slipped into the underground and followed his brother's voice. He was sitting on the floor, his legs spread wide as he talked to himself. No. There was tiny little figures in his hands. Megatron gasped, his brother was playing with action figures. He zeroed his optics at the toys and zoomed the visual, Optimus speaking in the same moment.
"Oh Optimus, I Missed you so much. "He modulated his voice to sound like his brother's "You were a bad 'Bot Megatron." He continued with his own voice constantly moving the figurines. "Oh I'm sorry, forgive me, Optimus. First I will have to punish you Megatron" Figures was mashed together as Optimus made strange smacking sounds "You are such a good kissed Megs."

Megatron would definitely continue to watch if not for Frenzy suddenly taking control over his own body and running away with barely contained cry of disgust. Megatron decided it sucked to be him just then, because his brother had gave him a really good idea of what to do when he will regain his body eventually; but then where the Slag he get the figures from?


Primus snickered once again looking at his e-bay page, his other delivery was sent last night and now he only watched the fierce battle on his deluxe Sam figure between BadassCop27 and FriendlyBug18. It didn't matter who would wone, he knew they would eventualy share.


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