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I woke up and everything would be great if my daughter had eaten anything, she didn't and then I was dragged into talking about my husband ant the talk left me feeling angry, sad and overall vulnerable. I felt like all my strenght and happines was sucked out of me (dementor probably ^_-) And my daughter still refused to eat. I was crying and send text to my friend about what I'm feeling and he came just 15 minutes later and hugged me and I cried again and more and more but in the end i felt better, even though my head started to hurt terribly >_< this is what you get after loooong period of no crying. I managed to feed m baby when she was sleeping. Then i had to go shopping, then my mum was back and then her friend came with her daughter aka my old friend. We went together (two of us, our mothers stayed at home) to the pub called 'Grota' (cave) and day ended rather nice. And I've written another Ren/Ichi drabble instead of rewriting my ongoing story.

My plot bunny just fell in love in this pair and he is nagging me to write about them, I wish i had someone i could do little brainstorming about yaoi fics with (sory if this sentence have no sense) :( I had no one. But It's better in here than in Ireland, in there i rely have no one even to talk to.
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Title: Ice and Strawberries
Author: Aniay
Parts: 1/?
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Hitsugaya
Rating: first chapter PG13(for language) overall NC17
Words: 1660/?
Warning: General fluffiness, Not worksafe in later chapters
Disclaimer: I don’t own bleach. Sadly. Kubo Tite does.
Beta-ed by one and only [ profile] desert_anbu *bows*

I have it almost finished, but I have little problems with my daughter so I don’ have time to put it into electronic version, second chapter is already being beta readed. So please be patient.

Ice and Strawberries 1 )


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