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OK so few das ago I talked with and old friend of mine via GG (Most popular polish instant messenger) and thanks to a little mistake i indicated that he change orientation (My god I feel stupid) thankfully he knows how my brain works and he just laughed at my mistake. He did but I'm feeling that my head is little bit to disturbed by Yaoising everything around me. What is worse I do it unconsciously.
What else my brain is lately inhabited by sexy redhead/brown-haired twins. It's nice to have them when I write (I've got many ideas from them) but sometimes they are bothersome. Last Night I had this really strange dream about them and It's bugging the hell out of me (as my dreams are usually something more than wild fantasy of my overactive imagination)
I will have to get used to them or get rid of them as soon as I finish writing.

Talking about writing I have my Phelps Twins fic going and almost getting to the Final scene, and my Weasley Twins fic slowly flowing. Of course when I ask Twins to help with smut scenes they are telling me to fuck off. (Will have to do some coercion or bribing or threatening or all three in the same time)

About one week ago a friend of mine who is studying to become Literature theoretic (or something of this kind) red some of my original fiction and convinced me to work with them (they were written long long ago with me being completely inexperieneced writer) work with them and try to publish them. I was like "wow you really think They are worth it?" And She smiled and said that yes they were actually pretty good. I still don't believe her (as I'm slightly self conscious but I'll work on them regardless. The only problem being the fact that my Polish language skills have deteriorated and I'm thinking to rewrite them in english.
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Yesterday my husband came from Ireland. He told me even that I look veeeeeeery good. And then we were coming back with my father to our city (200km from airport) and we got lost and I went all angry cause my dad told me It was my fault (I had a map)
And then my husband gave me my birthday/nameday present, he said I will calm down. I opened it and get OMFG! WTF! LOL! HAPPY! He bought me a notebook. My own!!!!! Gods IM HAPPY! I dreamed about it, well I will gladly "say thank you" to my second half.


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