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because i should bu studying

WIP meme

Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:35 pm
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Because it was to long since I posted the last one.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

If I was to put here all of my WIP it'd take some time so I just decided to check only the notebooks I had ready at hand. I just have to warn you that beta versions of my writings usually contains very long sentences.

1. Well I was trying to suggest to let her watch the three of us.

2. Jamie, I'm hard from gods know how long so get it on!

3. My wings got grey, I stole the car with a driver, my friends were with me, we drove to the depths of underground city.

4. The only thing Karin remembered from her mother's funeral was her golden hair scattered inside the pine coffin and Alika's warm arms holding her in the gloomy cementery.

5. He could imagine the Hogwart's shock when Harry and Draco entered the great hall holding hands.

6. Severus thought that it's better to have such a foe like Voldemort than such friend like himself.

7. Kurapica laid down on the hard bed, it was always better than wet ground or stone floor, and there was something to cover.

8. He came, as always, dressed in his bright orange suit, patched so often, one could say it was made of patches, but it wasn't his color, really.

9. It felt as the silence settled down like dust on the heavy curtains, dark fluffy carpet and the whole furniture, making atmosphere heavy and unbeareable for unaccustomed to it.

10. First of all Arthur didn't disappear, he was kidnapped.

For now there is a chance of finishing one or two of them ;) guess witch. :P
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Hello minna-san!

Finally after long long loooong time I found some time to come here and not without a reason.

Everything is revealed on [ profile] hp_yule_balls so I can tell that I wrote "Dragon Handlers" It was written for someone but sadly this someone drop out of the exchange and eventually it became a gift for the community.

Title: Dragon Handlers
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s):Harry/Draco, Charlie/Draco, Charlie/Harry/Draco

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The exchange begun, It's nice to get something to read twice a day. It's even nicer to know it will contain smut.
My RL is making me miserable, bacause I can't find work, no matter how hard I try. It's f****** unfair.
I'm writing something in my native language, for a contest. Original story with a work tittle "" Yeah I know it's stupid but IMO it fits.
Anyway, I feel a bit depressed becuse of the unemployment thing.

So, you HP slash fans, If you're bored, visit [ profile] hp_yule_balls and have fun with the smut.
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*Dances her happy dance*
I finished! The story for the exchange is complete. I finished something! I'm so happy. Now only beta the last part and I can go back to our lovely twins and Harry. OMG. The worst part is. I know I could do better with this story, but because of RL I didn't.
I only hope the girl I wrote it for will like it.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 09:11 pm
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Chapter 7 of ST sent to beta ;D:D:D:D:D:D

I feel happy ^__________^

The life is getting better and it makes writing so much easier when you have less wories.

There is this new fic (hopefully short) that I need to find soundrack for. It's for the
[ profile] hp_yule_bals exchange so I'm not saying anything else:)
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A little bite of chocolate made me so inspired today that I've written a ficlet that is kind of a sequell to 'NEVER STOP THE TWINS....' It's finished but I have to check it yesterday and then I'm sending it to beta. :D
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The twins refused today to work with me. I'm "slightly" annoyed. Their lack of cooperation is putting my writing to a stop. I have one evening to figure out. ONE! Ten the story flows more or less fluently (is written already) but this one evening is one hell of a problem.
I should write some more of Phelps twins RPS and I'm completly sucked up in this story :/
Aaah!!! *pulls her hair out* I need some inspiration
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You know that I'm working on two twincest fics right? Weasley fic - Silver Thoughts and Phepls fic that still have no title.
I finally typed in the first chapter of 'Silver Thoughts' YAY! It's little hard to work on two fics in the same time but I think I'm managing it.
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OK so few das ago I talked with and old friend of mine via GG (Most popular polish instant messenger) and thanks to a little mistake i indicated that he change orientation (My god I feel stupid) thankfully he knows how my brain works and he just laughed at my mistake. He did but I'm feeling that my head is little bit to disturbed by Yaoising everything around me. What is worse I do it unconsciously.
What else my brain is lately inhabited by sexy redhead/brown-haired twins. It's nice to have them when I write (I've got many ideas from them) but sometimes they are bothersome. Last Night I had this really strange dream about them and It's bugging the hell out of me (as my dreams are usually something more than wild fantasy of my overactive imagination)
I will have to get used to them or get rid of them as soon as I finish writing.

Talking about writing I have my Phelps Twins fic going and almost getting to the Final scene, and my Weasley Twins fic slowly flowing. Of course when I ask Twins to help with smut scenes they are telling me to fuck off. (Will have to do some coercion or bribing or threatening or all three in the same time)

About one week ago a friend of mine who is studying to become Literature theoretic (or something of this kind) red some of my original fiction and convinced me to work with them (they were written long long ago with me being completely inexperieneced writer) work with them and try to publish them. I was like "wow you really think They are worth it?" And She smiled and said that yes they were actually pretty good. I still don't believe her (as I'm slightly self conscious but I'll work on them regardless. The only problem being the fact that my Polish language skills have deteriorated and I'm thinking to rewrite them in english.
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I'm writing! I'm actually writing a fanfic!
RPS fis about Phelps twins.
I' was inspired by some comment from [ profile] wickedlady101 and she made me write ^____^
I thought It will be short but I've already written over 800 words and It's only the first scene O_O
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Last Update 03.10.2007
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My head is full of ideas, notebook scribled with words and I just cant find time and strenght to rewrite it or to write it down. My husband is being a dick, and my daughter needs more and more attention. My friend that is my muse have just a little time because of his new work, and his net is not working as it should, and I feel so alone.
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I was trying really hard to rewrite another chapter of IaS and two other stories from my note and I failed miserably. I've got lost with the smuty scene in IaS and tried to correct it for an hour and now my brain is shutting down trying to convince me to go to sleep. Other two stories being a ichihitsu PWP and sequel to "Friend" and there is this renichi idea (another sequel to "Friend") and some insight in Hi-chan's past and renji/hitsugaya ( O__o yes im surprised by this idea to) and the lovely threesome with Ichi Renji and Hitsu.

In the background today is death of grandmother, I didn't loved her so much and called her a "zombie" Yes I know mean of me. She loved me very much, me being the one and only granddaughter but he wanted to impose her will on me an I just didn't let her so I was removed from her will and he started to like my husband more than me. I was slapped on the face by her and she humiliated my friend, me, my mother (his daughter) many times then for last few years she was almost like a plant, paralysed, unable to speak not understanding anything screaming and groaning . Hemorrhage destroying her humanity.
She died like a blown up candle quiet and with her daughter holding her hand.
She was suffering and everyone was trying to hold her making her suffer more, at last she don't suffer anymore.

Rest in peace granny...
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Gods i fell asleep like always and i really wanted to sleep as long as possible cause my daughter is at my parents in law house. but then in the middle of the night my stomach or something started to ache terribly and mr sandman packed his toys and went home :/ And then my Notebook finally came useful and i could read some really nice ff. Anyway I'm angry cause USB slots in NB are not working properly, and tomorrow we are all flying back to Ireland and I'm not prepared as good as I'd like, and everything is not the way it should be ><
I have some nice ren/ichi to rewrite, and IaS too and other ren/ichi smutty is poking my head lightly and my stomach is aching and I cant do anything.
Gah i hate sleepless nights >
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Gods I've already have two another chapters of Haisf( O_o) in my mind but I am terrified where it's going, it seems that I'll end up 'pairing' Ichigo, Renji and Hichigo together and I'm trying realy bad to not write smut and I'm failing...

today is ponsored by I'm.... sorry


Aug. 9th, 2007 06:34 am
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I stumbled across great dictionary, great for me anyway cause my knowledge of everyday english was almost nonexistent - and this is the slang dictionary, and all my questions was answered.
I see that second chapter of Ice and strawberries has a little plot-bug cause two people got lost with it. Sorry for it. I'm waiting for it to come back from my beta and already I know I will have to change it littl bit so it can take little bit longer that I wanted. And there is this plot bunny fed by [ profile] renjifan that is running in my head and makes me write ren/ichi and don't let me rewrite IaS from my notebook.
I'm downloading new bleach episode ^_^ and I can't wait to finally see it.
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Oisashiburi ^_^

I'm watching Death Note, gods Japanese has pretty sick ideas sometimes... but watching Light and 'L' being so obviously over eachother is just idal fuel for my yaoi ideas. And I've just red Harry Potter - book seven and I think this is the best book in whole series, and even some parts when you can stuck yaoi even thou there is sooo much (to much) het >< Tomorrow i'm going to HP movie.
I'm still writing fanfic with Ichi/Hitsu
And you have to see this ^____^
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yesterday i had this giant brainstorm with my friend and we thought up a kinda romatic fanfic for ichi/hitsu, it wouldn't be anything strange normally but... my friend is male and straight at that, however as he says he can be bi on the net :P

disclaimer: I don't own Bleach and it's not my picture:P


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