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At a request of [ profile] sapphire_pyro I played a bit with a certain picture, and this is what I did :P

You are free to use it as you please with a credit OFC ^^

1mikhail,teito,icon 2mikhail,teito,icon 3mikhail & teito icon 5b 4mikhail,teito,icon
5mikhail,teito,icon 6mikhail,teito,icon 7mikhail,teito,icon 8mikhail,teito,icon
9mikhail,teito,icon 10mikhail,teito,icon
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Ok so i should do something in the house and I ended up making icons instead - -'
SO here you are: icons from the last ep of 07 ghost.

Please credit me and if you want an textless Icon with a text of your choosing just comment with nr and text

iconspam )
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First of all I'm in love with '07 Ghost' manga/anime.
It's a funny, sf/fantasy series with lots of bishounens (And I mean lots) almost no womans and they dare to tell us it's not shonen-ai. Well it's offcialy not but who cares the hints are all there to see.
It has nice graphics, interesting storyline, magic, flying war-ships, good guys and bad guys and a pervy bishop named Frau (Woman in German). (My true love, oh wait he belongs to Teito. Crap!)
In my opinion it's a closetet shonen ai because there is damn scen where one guy says to another "I love you", and they sleep in one bed, and there are guys with flowers in their hair so please.

Second is Code Geass. CLAMP(That says it all right). It's Mecha, super powers, cute girls, cute boys and most of all good guys who arent so good and bad guys who arent so bad after all. It's all about relativity, angst, agression and what one could do for love. (Not in the context you think) Full of action, blood, mind-fucking beautifull graphics and interesting plot with many, many turns and surprises.

Third and probably most adorable is xxxHolic (CLAMP again). Magic, Japanese superstitions, hitsuzen (fate) and lot's of other not normal things. It's about "friendsip" at last officialy (It's CLAMP so subtext is everywhere) but please a friendship where guy is ready to give a life for another and is always by his side even though he is treated badly. That's SO much more than friendship. Doumeki and Watanuki is as canon as it's possible in non shounen-ai, and Yuuko is consantly hinting about being destinied for eachother...

so I ship Frau/Teito from 07G, because it's adorable, Suzaku/Lelouch because they love eachother so much they almost hate themselves, and Doumeki/Watanuki because they are sooooo canon. It's just Wata being obstinate. (Is feeling the plot-bunnies hoping around my head and tingling)

But now I'm onto my weasley-fest asignment. Damn but it's harder than I thought, words just don't want to cooperate with me.


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