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I've ended up stucked in the hospital, with f*****g stone on my kidney. They shattered it and now I have stent in my insides that is awfully uncomfortable and painfull and it will stay for few weeks >__< Usually patients are free to go after 24 hours but almost 40 centigrades fever made me stay there 5 days. Awfull.
I made an AMV and drew little tiny picture of Ichi and Hichi. If everything go as i plan I will have an entry for [ profile] bleach_bdsm contest
And this is my AMV

And my daughter is ill, and she does't let me go anywhere without her, and every time I try to put her to sleep there is wild screeming, kicking... I'm tired and my kidney and bladder just hurt more when I carry her to much.- -'
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Title: Ice and Strawberries
Author: Aniay
Parts: 1/?
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Hitsugaya
Rating: first chapter PG13(for language) overall NC17
Words: 1660/?
Warning: General fluffiness, Not worksafe in later chapters
Disclaimer: I don’t own bleach. Sadly. Kubo Tite does.
Beta-ed by one and only [ profile] desert_anbu *bows*

I have it almost finished, but I have little problems with my daughter so I don’ have time to put it into electronic version, second chapter is already being beta readed. So please be patient.

Ice and Strawberries 1 )
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It's so damn hot in here even 37 C in shade I'm boiling....
Two chapters of ff are finished I'm still waiting for first to be beta-ed
Two days ago I had birthday... YAY the same day and same blood group as Ichigo ^_____^
Yay for Cancers
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yay finally I got back my graphic program (i'm in my parents house in Poland and i have all programs left in Ireland :/) so maybe i will make some wallpapers, i tried yesterday to put into action some amv making skills and ideas but this computer is just annoying piece of junk and it doesn't want to cooperate with me.

Disclaimer: Pic is not mine, just found it on the web


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