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Title: The Glitch
Part: 1/?
Author: [ profile] aniay
Pairing: Barricade/Sam
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Barricade is dispatched to earth with the mission of retrieving information needed to find Megatron and the Allspark. There is however a glitch in his systems which he never encountered before that makes completing the mission difficult if not impossible.
Warnings: non for this chapter but eventualy it's going to be hard NC-17 I'll warn you as I write.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, Transformers belongs to hasbro

A/N: A present for lovely [ profile] blackiesdungeon I asked for a prompt and this is what I came up with. Beta-red by [ profile] abraxas_ren Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's not my usuall way of writing, be nice and Feedback is apreciated.


Barricade followed Ladiesman217 out of his living area; the human was riding a bicycle and running away from his 'car'.

'Cade sneered at the little yellow vehicle. Autobots were stupid. Driving without a driver was like waving a sign saying 'Hello! Something's wrong.' He, on the other hand, used a very realistic hologram of a policeman sitting behind the wheel.

What was truly lamentable of that Autobot, though, was its inability to recognize the Decepticon in Barricade's alt-form.

Stupid Autojunk!

Barricade now followed the boy and the Autobot into a junkyard under highway where old, dysfunctional cars littered the area along with old and dysfunctional humans. All of that mixed together to make the terrain a maze: impossible to drive through in straight line.

He stopped and tracked both of his targets with his sensors. He waited, patiently, wanting to play it in such a way that the boy would be coming to him without Bumblebee's interference. He flipped on the siren a moment and drove toward the boy while the Autobot drove off the other way.

The boy still on the bicycle pedaled into his direction. It seemed the human wanted to stand at his side and he could not allow it. The Decepticon opened his door, forcefully, hitting his prey and dropping him onto the ground. Using his hologram, he aimed his sensors at the boy: his skin was perspiring and radiated fear, a delicious emotion of humans that Barricade liked so much.

Ladiesman217 talked to him, hope filling his eyes, his words frantic and crazed, his heartbeat quickened, pumped by adrenaline.

'Cade wanted to give his prey a bit of hope before crushing it out of him but then the human slammed his hands onto his hood. The audacity! he boiled inside. The Decepticon charged without second thought.

How dare he, a lowly organic creature, hit him!

The human fell and the Decepticon charged again.

A bug, trash...he was stronger, better than any of the humans.

The Ladiesman217 apologized and begged the vehicle to stop, terrified of it looming above him, driving into him almost running over him. His voice, high with panic, offered what he thought to be the police whatever it wanted in exchange of his life.

Barricade extended his claws through his headlights to look menacing and to raise the human's fear - there was nothing as addicting as a smell of human fear and blood.

And then the human asked the question he was waiting for: "Okay, what do you want?"

'Cade withdrew his claws and then, charging into the boy again, he transformed and literally pinned the human onto the ground. It was not enough because his prey was still strong enough to run. It was pointless, really, to flee from a sixteen foot tall robot but then human in panic were capable of things that defied logic.

He got into pursuit, again, and ran after the boy; as soon as possible he swept him off the ground with an arm.

The boy was airborne and landed with a satisfying thud onto a car's windscreen. If he wanted to play then the Decepticon was more than willing to comply, of course, that meant he just lost the chance to die a fast and painless death.

Now Barricade did not give the human a chance to run. He pinned him onto the hood of the car. He ran his tire saw just beside him.

"Are you Ladiesman217?" He spat at the boy with a demanding voice, angry and excited at the same time.

He was trying to extract the information; normally, he would have been calm and composed. Something about that human boiled his insides: his core twisted with unease and his processor returned a strange error. It said: 'killing target unfeasible'.

Mixing together the bliss of lust fueled by the heady and sweet smell of blood - and the delicious fear coming off of the human - and the inability to strike a blow, the Decepticon's actions faltered just a millisecond and the boy immediately sensed the occasion.

Ladiesman217 rolled and took a leap toward freedom.

Barricade growled with helpless yet consuming anger. He hit the car and flung it away. The human was running free of the garage and he could not allow him to do that. He leaped into pursuit, again, and sensed another human coming into contact with his target.

He was just about to reach both organics when that yellow Camaro Autobot reappeared. In its alt-form it drifted and tripped the scout. The Decepticon's sensors returned multiple low-level errors which were enough to make his optics dim a second. Then, with a reflex worth of a seeker, he rolled and jumped after the runaways, transforming in middle of the air.

The Autobot was driving with humans inside it: disgusting.

After a few seconds of pursuit he was already cursing the Autobot; the little yellow slagger was apparently faster than him although there was a moment where he thought he would be able to outrun them.

He could not understand what was wrong with him: every time he sent a query with a killing intent at Ladiesman217 the processor glitched.

:Calm down.: Barricade heard his partner through his comm link.

:Were you eavesdropping on my internal routines?: he snapped.

:I'm your partner.: Frenzy stated calmly. :I need to keep a process on you. What got your wires into a twist? Leave them. Get me and together we'll capture them and extract the information.:

Barricade growled and snarled. He ran Frenzy's suggestion through his processor and decided it might be a good course of action.

:Good thinking. We'll try to separate them. I'll take care of the Bumble bot and you'll pursue the humans. Pinpointing their locations shouldn't be too hard to do.:

:Acknowledged. Your ETA?:

:Five minutes. Barricade out.:

Later Barricade ran a full system check twice and it did not bring up any important problems beyond the need to defragment his memory and clean his cache and repair a few dents along his back. A full recharge would have taken care of it easily. There was nothing about externally applied subroutines, nothing about flaws within his programming or any kind of bug within his systems, nothing that could have explained that annoying error message.

The Decepticon only felt himself get more and more riled up the longer he thought about the human.

Relocating the targets proved to be harder than they expected. They only encountered the bot with the humans again just as the sun set. The glitch prevented 'Cade from doing anything to the human yet he stuck to his prey stubbornly, eventually managing to split the organics and the Cybertronian.

Frenzy scattered off to obtain the information from the humans while Barricade engaged the Autobot.

He must have been distracted - that or the Autobot suddenly got stronger and faster than him - because the stupid mech defeated him.

Yet in the Autobot's haste he did not ensure that the scout was slagged for good. The damage was severe but not lethal. The Decepticon deactivated system by system.

Frenzy sent a message and Barricade heard it while his systems readied into standby: :I've been decapitated but I'm taking a different alt form, it should be hard to sense my energy reading.:

:Good. That yellow bot is glitched, it will not sense you for sure. Follow the humans and send me systematic reports. My systems are off-lining and I might be in standby for quite some time. Barricade out.:

With that he blacked out.

It did not take too long, though, just enough of his systems returned that he left the place where he fought and reached a safer, out of the way location.

Frenzy was informing him about the situation:

:It is raining space junk today: he joked. :I report that Optimus Prime, his SIC, CMO, and Weapon Specialist landed. I'm sending information about their new alt forms:

:I came into contact with the glasses, will try to retrieve them.:

:The humans are being taken by the agency involved with the Ice Man Project.:

And after few hours of waiting, when the sun was high up in the sky, Barricade got the info he and all other Decepticon's were waiting for: :Allspark located; sending coordinates.:

What was even more exciting, though, was that humans kept Megatron within the same exact hiding spot as the Allspark.

The Decepticons mobilized. Starscream, the fastest of all, flew to the Allspark and Megatron. Barricade and others received orders to engage and deal with the Autobots.

The plan had to be changed, however, when the Allspark energy resurfaced. It was moving in the direction of a large human settlement which Barricade decided was the stupidest idea anyone could have thought.

:Frenzy, stop the other humans, they might be trying to get a military support.:

He followed the Allspark, the energy calling to him as his life giver, it was the most enticing aura in the world. He was short of reaching Bumblebee, spurred by the familiar energy, yet again the bot was faster and stronger.

While in pursuit, Barricade encountered a problem, in the form of Optimus Prime who dealt with Bonecrusher already and was free to engage the scout freely.

The Decepticon was not the kind to run from a fight. He faced the Autobot leader with determination and all of his weapons. He was no match for him though.

Barricade was defeated so easily he would have rather gotten slagged than admit it. His armor was dented everywhere. His circuits were slagged. His optics scarcely registered his surroundings. And his processor returned countless errors.

He off-lined with every sensor in his body wishing his spark extinguished; he was ready to die.

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