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Suming up the movie: I feel like they tried to make up for the lack of quality with quantity of funny moments. If someone want's commedy feel free to go If you want good Book adaptation or good movie you will be disapointed.


Ranting and overall unhapiness below

OK! So I finally watched the sixth movie and hell but it sucked!
I'm angry, and dissapointed. They ate the book, chewed on it and spewed it out but without tthe sense or purpose.
First: It was dubbed equals watching sucked!
Second: Where is the first half of the book, where is the suspense, where are Snape's lessons?
Third: It's not commedy, It's supposed to be a BOOK ADAPTATION! I liked the funny moments but it didn't helped.
Fourth: Ginny! Just dont let me start on her, she's like even more artificial than cavity inducing lavender.
Fifth: Why the fuck is the purpose of the Attack on the Burrow scene and the Twins should act like twins and comfort themselves.
Sixth: Everything seemed so artificial and badly played, and Harry after the using Felix looked really stupid.
Seventh: What's with the lightning their wands after A.D.'s death, what is that a rock concert or something.

OK so I liked the scene in the cave, It was almost good(almost because it was to easy and Inferi looked like golum, good because of the scene with Harry giving the elixir to Dumbledore and first Inferi moment) and I liked the scene on the astronomy tower with Harry finnaly trusted Snape and the bastard fucked up his mind (would preffer actual fucking) Twins were nice to watch even though their roles were tiny ;_;
I almost liked the scene in the bathroom too (because of lack of other good scenes) and I liked obvious Harry/Ron moments

So to sum that up: I feel like they tried to make up for the lack of quality with quantity of funny moments. If someone want's commedy feel free to go
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