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Ok so I'm up with a meme.

Yes I've get into Transformers, yes I got into transformers slash and yes I slash human/autobot.
Man I never thought that with twins my perviness ended and now I see that my perviness just doesn't have a bottom.


1] Pick a fandom or pairing
2] But you playlist on random
3] White a scene that goes with the song- or something that you come up with because of it. You only have as long as the song to write the scene. Do not linger after the music stops, do not choose a different song just because it ‘does not fit’.
4] Do five songs
5]Have fun!

Pairing/Fandom- Bumblebee/Sam [Transformers: Movie ‘Verse]

Bon Jovi - It’s my life

Finally Sam knew that the life was his, no one to control his curfew, no one to control his life.
He was free to do what he wanted.

He chose to live with his best friends who just happened to be robots.
He couldn't live forever so he would take the best of his life.

At nights he and Bee slipped away from the others and drove as far and as fast as they wanted. He craved the adrenaline, the feeling of complete freedom.
Sam was sure he could spend his whole life like that, just he and Bee, his best friend his partner in crime, his Bumblebee who, Sam knew it wanted to stay with him forever as well.

Offspring - Poprocks & coke

Wherever he was, wherever he was going, he knew that Bee was right beside him.

The presence somewhere on the verge of his consciousness

Sam knew the Bot was there for him, even though Decepticons was not a threat anymore.
Bee stayed with him; in happiness and in sadness when he won and when he lost.
"Like an old married couple" Sam smiled.

Sometimes when the presence disappeared he knew that there were strong holo-arms waiting to hug him close.

Offspring - Why don't you get a job?

The only thing Bee always regretted was bringing Mikhaila and Sam together.\

Countless times Sam was complaining on how much money and nerves his girlfriend costs him.

So eventually Bee decided to take matter into his own robotic hands.
- Mikhaila, I think you should break up with Sam... - He started but the girl interrupted
- Jealous? - She smiled mischievously and Bee fell speechless - I was hoping he will do it first really and he was never mine Bee, Always only yours.

Green day - Waiting

From the long time Bee waited for a perfect moment to tell Sam what he feel but he was just an Autobot teenager, very self-conscious teenager which Rachet always summed up with the roll o his optics.

So, when the moment finally came and Bee was just about to tell Sam what he wanted. He got a mischievous smile from the boy and his holoform was straddled and kissed wetly, passionately and with need.

Bee whimpered, yes he was an Autobot teenager, horny Autobot teen.
Talking could wait, sex couldn't.

Avril Navinge - Naked

Mikhaila never cared what he felt or wanted, there was always only her. Sam was fed up with it, every day he put up a mask because everyone expected him to hold to the hottest girl with all his might.

Only when he was in his car he could be himself. The soothing purr of Bee's engine, his uncanny ability to choose the right music, his constant presence.

He knew that he couldn't live without those moments, moments when he was completely naked, Bee knowing him inside out and expecting nothing from him just taking him as he was.

Bee always saw right through him.
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